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Buku Menabung Gula untuk Pendidikan

Inilah buku Serial Pelajaran Berharga dari Ikhtiar Pemberdayaan terbitan pertama kami. Pada buku pertama ini kami menyajikan judul “Menabung Gula untuk Pendidikan”. Ditulis berdasarkan catatan perjalanan Program Pemberdayaan Komite Sekolah untuk Mendukung Kegiatan Pendidikan Dasar 9 Tahun Melalui Gerakan Lima Kilogram Gula Kelapa (GELIPA) di Kec. Ciracap, Kab. Sukabumi, Jawa Barat.

Buku dibuat dua bahasa (Indonesia dan Inggris), melibatkan Tim Penulis Munipah dan Agung Pardini, keduanya terlibat dalam program yang dijalankan. Editor buku ini Hery D. Kurniawan sekaligus menangani artistik.

Berikut kata pengantar dari JICA Indonesia:


It is a such an honour to finally see the result of all people have done through the empowerment program of School Committee at SDN Cigebang and Cijaringao, Ciracap sub District, Sukabumi Dist. It has been a quite effort to make it succeed, condering the location of the program which is geographically isolated by the mountaineous and economically impoverished. At the beginning, members of the school committee -who are mostly village farmers (coconut) and small venders- have shallow vision about education, that passing elementary school is enough for their children. The high cost of education is one of the reason, besides they are expexting that their boys soon will be able to help their parents with the works and their girls shall be married soon after graduate their elementary school to reduce the burdens of the family. This certainly becoming our concern, since education is important and children have their rights to develop and have a better future.

Through trainings and movement of savings and “brown sugar” by the cooperation created by the committee, it was then so fortunate that the parents then gained more benefit economically and that have encouraged their pride and self esteem, as well as to realize that higher education is important for their children. They did the hard works in order to send their children to gain higher education (Junior High School). It has been not without such efforts and supports as well by the principals, the teachers and also the students themselves. We are proud of these parents and teachers in Ciracap – Go Keep The Spirit!!! “Ayo, Tetap Semangat!!!”

The most beautiful thing and we proud the most was the sincereness and spirit of go forward of the facilitators of LMM who were patiently facilitated, gave assistances to the community. Their innovations and creativities to look for effective breakthroughs in dealing with problems of grassroots community shall gain rewards. “Keep Fighting – Ganbatte Kudasai!!!”

In this occasion, we would like to give honour especially to the personels of LMM, Sdri. Munipah, Sdr. Tendy Satrio, M. Fauzan, Agung Pardini and Asep Sapa’at, and also persons in charged of JICA Indonesia, Sdri. Sri Widyastuti and Sdri. Lingga Kartika, and to all who have involved and given their efforts and minds, in order to achieve a local societal system for human security through community empowerment program, conducted by JIVA, LMM, Ciracap Community, Education Agency and Local government agency. We kindly wish that this small assistance form Japanese Society through JICA could give little hope for the education and community welfare of Ciracap’s community.

As the end of this foreword, we shall say CONGRATULATION of the launching of the book. We hope that it will give so much advantages and inspirations for all pioneers and activitsts of community empowerment in Indonesia.

Jakarta, 11 January 2010

Dinur Krismasari
Senior Representative
JICA Indonesia Office


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